I am not helpless to be with anyone, I am with you in difficult times: tweet Mamata Banerjee


Mamata Banerjee has played an important role with Corona from the very beginning. I went down the road and saw him standing next to the common people. He has always said that he is by the side of the people of Bengal in this difficult time.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee tweeted to the people of West Bengal stranded in different parts of the country to rest assured. He tweeted that as long as he is there, there is no need for Bengalis to feel helpless. He further said that he is by his side to handle all the situations.

Earlier, he had been meeting Prime Minister Modi through video conferencing. And he says he has time all by the side of the common man. He will not back down even if it becomes a corona for him. Also, whether it is with the chief ministers or administrative meetings, all the work is being done through video conferencing.
On the same day, he wrote to the students of West Bengal who were stuck in quota, “All efforts have already been started.

The journey back home for the students who are stuck in the quota in Bengal will start soon. ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken strict measures. He has locked down the next day to keep the service normal and under control. Thirty days have passed. The number of victims is also increasing by leaps and bounds. Now, as time goes on, several states are extending the lockdown till May 3. There is a strict ban on going out.