I am proud of my husband's sacrifice, I will not shed tears: wife of martyred Colonel Ashutosh Sharma


BanglaHunt Desk: “The family will remember him not for his death, but for his bravery, heroism, self-sacrifice for the country”, said Pallabi, wife of Col. Ashutosh Sharma, a proud martyr. The colonel last spoke to Pallavi on the phone before going to the Handwara encounter. He said he would return soon after eliminating the militants. Pallavi Sharma's chest trembled for fear of unknown danger as she could not communicate with her husband till Sunday afternoon. He held the little girl to his chest and made her mind strong. The last few words of the husband were floating in my ears, “I will return, take care of the family.”

The colonel is a symbol of courage and heroism

Colonel Ashutosh Sharma of the 21st Battalion of the State Rifles said that he would return after defeating Lashkar Commander Haider. But did the colonel think in advance about the consequences! There is a lot of risk of a face-to-face fight if the militants enter the secret base. Led that the Colonel was inspired by his skill and courage. The blood became hot. Major Anuj Sood, Naik Rajesh, Lance Naik Dinesh and Jammu and Kashmir Police Sub-Inspector Shakil Kwaji were confronted by Lashkar militants. He had to rescue the hostages, he was also responsible for the rest of the army. Whatever the outcome, the colonel's only goal at that moment was to eliminate the militants.

When I didn't call at night, I realized that danger could come

Martyr Colonel's wife Pallabi said her husband knew that danger could come from any direction. So maybe for the last time he said, “I am responsible for 1500 people. They have to be protected. I know you can take care of your family. ” I think the wounds that have been made will never be healed, but the path of survival can be found by using the path of heroism and self-sacrifice shown by the Colonel, said Pallavi.

The wife is feeling proud for her husband

“He knew I could handle the family, so he was able to go about his business safely. If he was backward, he would become weak. I respect her devotion to her duty, ”said Pallavi, feeling proud for her husband, not tears. He said the colonel respected the army uniform. His goal was to suppress terrorism. He always said that militants are creating sabotage in the country, killing many people, they must be eliminated. In any dangerous place in Kashmir, the colonel was called upon to lead the counter-insurgency operation. It was for this courage and heroism that Colonel Ashutosh received the Gallantry, one of the greatest honors of military heroism, twice in 2016 and 2019.

Mother said we talked two days ago

Mother spoke to the colonel two days ago. Then he said I will go to Haider. Martyr Colonel Ashutosh's mother said passionately, “My life is half over.” I have only one son left. The last word was two days ago. Mom will call you here. I am still engaged in some important work. He used to call every day. Wherever the posting took place.

The colonel said he would return. Kept talking. Returning to his home. His frozen body wrapped in the national flag will pay its last respects to the country in silence. “I want the girl to remember her father's ideals and devotion. Colonel has shown the way to live not only for oneself but also for others ”, Pallabi is hardening his mind, not crying.