I am with the people of Basirhat, said Trinamool MP Nusrat Jahan while visiting the affected areas.

Nusrat Jahan, a Trinamool MP and actress, went to Basirhat to visit the affected area after Amphan. Yesterday, May 22, Nusrat reached Basirhat to see the plight of the people as a result of Amfan in Basirhat. Talking to people there, the actress encouraged them and said that she is by their side.

At first he stood at the corner of Malch and spoke directly to the people. Then reach the relief camps of Minakha and Chaital gram panchayats. Inspected the situation there. Nusrat also taught everyone to wear masks with clothes.
The actress has also shared these pictures on her social media handle. He said that in this difficult situation, everyone must fight together. Just as it is necessary to stand up against Corona, we also have to deal with Amfan.
Recently, it was heard that Nusrat left the meeting between the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister as her husband Nikhil Jain was not allowed to enter the meeting. However, he said that he has now come to the people of Basirhat. Looking around all the relief camps. Nusrat said he was also present at the administrative meeting between the chief minister and the prime minister at Basirhat College along with other party workers.

The actress said that she will go to Hingalganj and Sandeshkhali next week. Nusrat Jahan also assured that he is by the side of the people of Basirhat in this difficult situation. Seeing him, people became anxious to express their plight. Nusrat told them that for the time being, they had to eat twice a day in the relief camp and must wear a mask.

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