I have also been gang raped, why Rahul Gandhi did not come to me? Question of a young girl who was gang-raped in Rajasthan


Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole country is on fire over the Hathras incident in Uttar Pradesh. Everyone reacted to this incident in their own way. But in the meanwhile many such hellish incidents have gone unnoticed. A similar incident took place in Baran district of Rajasthan, where a woman was taken prisoner and gang-raped.

After Rahul Gandhi's outcry over the Hathras incident, Baran's tortured woman asked, “Why is Rahul Gandhi not coming to Baran?” Over the past few days, various incidents of violence against women have been reported from Rajasthan, but everyone is silent about the incidents in Rajasthan.

According to a report in News Nation, the victim asked Rahul Gandhi, “Why is Rahul Gandhi not coming to Baran?” Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot moved to another state if something happened, but he never found out if it happened in his own state. What is the difference between me and the girl from Hathras? Injustice has happened to me. I'm like the girl from Hathras. I want justice with me. Let Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi come to Baran. Let me hear what has happened to me, and let me be judged. “

The victim then said that on July 1, 2020, two men came and took her away from the house. There he was locked in a room for a month and gang-raped. Not only did the rapists get peace by raping them, they also beat them severely at night.

With great difficulty the torturer escaped the hands of the rapists, after which he lodged a complaint with the Sisbali police station on 8 August. However, the police are not interested in taking any action in this regard. According to the victim, the police have not arrested any accused so far.