‘I have no quarrel with Salman Khan’ said Jiah Khan’s mother, ‘Let the truth of my daughter’s death come out’


'I have no quarrel with Salman Khan' said Jiah Khan's mother, 'Let the truth of my daughter's death come out'

Jiah Khan Mother Rabia Khan: Rabia Khan, mother of actress Jiah Khan, is pleading for justice from the court today. The verdict is about to come after 10 years in Jiah Khan suicide case. You will also become emotional after watching this video of Jia’s mother.

Jiah Khan Suicide Case News: Today is the time of decision in the actress Jiah Khan suicide case. Jia Khan’s mother hopes for justice from the court. Jia’s mother Rabia has been telling it not suicide but murder from the beginning. An old video of Rabia has surfaced in which she is saying that she has no quarrel with Salman Khan, she has never met him, yes Jiya definitely met him for the film Wanted, but later she was replaced. . Jia’s mother has also alleged that pressure was created on the CBI in this case. In the video, Rabia is saying with folded hands that at least let the truth of her daughter’s death come to the fore.

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