I haven't been going to the toilet for the last 18 months, eating 20 loaves of bread a day is not making any profit! Doctors are worried about Ashish

BanglaHunt Desk: There are so many strange kinds of news being heard every day in this world. Recently, a strange incident has come to light from Madhya Pradesh, which has shocked the doctors. Ashish, a resident of Moraina district in Madhya Pradesh, has not been going to the toilet for the past 18 months.

Although I was surprised to hear, even though I have wanted to hear the call of nature for the last 18 months, the call of nature is not coming for Ashish at all. He has no problem with eating, no problem with his physical condition – even though he has gone for breakfast for the last 18 months, he has had to come back like this.

Neighbors as well as his family are worried about this incident. The financial condition of Ashish's family is not very good. They fall into the poverty line. So in this case, if Ashish suffers from a serious illness, it will be difficult for his family to pay for the treatment. However, despite this problem, Ashish does not have stomach ache or any other physical problem.

Ashish eats and drinks normally. Because of this problem, he eats 18 to 20 loaves of bread every day, but there is no solution to this problem. When Ashish's family members consulted with the doctor about this, a few tests were given. But the doctors did not find any complex disease in any of the tests. However, they are not ruling out this possibility. But this year, the family of the 16-year-old is spending a lot of time thinking about this.