“I Love You Diego” Pele wrote an emotional open letter to Maradona


Bangla Hunt Desk: The two legends of the football world are Diego Maradona of Argentina and Pele of Brazil. The two were not just rivals, they were each other's best friends. Legendary Maradona said goodbye a few days ago. Pelলে was devastated by Maradona's death. He then wrote in an emotional post on social media, “Very bad news, I lost a friend and the world lost a legend. One day we will play football together in the sky. ”

It has been several days since Maradona's death. However, he still can't forget his dear friend Maradona if he gets a legend. And so this time Pel wrote an open letter directly to Maradona. In the emotional letter, Pel লিখে wrote, “One day in heaven, while playing for the same team, I will score a goal for the first time and throw my fist towards the sky. But it is not a celebration of goals, it will be the joy of embracing you after so long. “

Pelলে also wrote, “Practicing with you and me will last a lifetime. The ball spoke to the magic of your feet. No one can ever compare with you. You are my dearest friend forever. I love you Diego. I can't accept that you left so soon. ”

There has been a lifelong debate in world football, who is bigger? Pele or Maradona? Some say the world's best have backed Maradona. One was the king of football and the other was the prince of football. So one legend is gone and the other legend is not in a good mood.