I miss Dhoni very much, witness the emotional message again


Bangla Hunt Desk: At the moment, the corona virus is spreading all over the world. The IPL is going on in a very safe way even in the corona virus. Since the Corona infection is increasing day by day in India at the moment. And so the BCCI has chosen the UAE as a safe venue for the Millionaire League.

Since the IPL is being held in the corona virus. Therefore, the main goal of the BCCI is to protect the health of cricketers. That is why this year's IPL is being held in the biological protection zone. This time IPL is very different from other times. This time no spectator was allowed to enter the field for protection in IPL. Even the cricketer's wife and family are unable to enter the field.

Since this time IPL is being held in the biological protection zone. So no cricketer's family is allowed to enter the field and watch IPL. And so most cricketers did not take their families with them. Even Dhoni's wife Sakshi could not go to Amirshahi with Dhoni this time. And so the witness is missing Dhoni very much because he could not stay with Dhoni, he said.

Every year, Dhoni's wife Sakshi and daughter Zhiha are present on the field when there is a match of Chennai Super Kings. They support Dhoni from the field. But this time, since spectators are not allowed to enter the field due to the corona virus, they are enjoying the IPL on TV while sitting at home. In an interview, the witness said, “I can't watch the game on the field. I don't miss it very much. I miss my husband very much.”