I want to marry my own adult child! Such is the claim of the parents of the court

BanglaHunt Desk: Marriage is the bond between two people, which creates intimacy between two people. And there are no legal barriers to this relationship – a New York (New York) parent wants to marry their adult child with such a strange claim. Although they are reluctant to reveal their names, they have made such a demand.

There is a strict law in New York. Under that law, any sexual intercourse between one’s own relatives is considered a serious crime. He was also sentenced to four years imprisonment. In a country where this law exists, only one parent wants to marry their own children.

However, even though it is not known who wants to get married here, they have kept their identities secret. Even their claim- one cannot marry one’s own child, this law is not socially considered. So this law should be repealed.

They have also termed the law of marrying their own children as ‘independent autonomy’. He also said that if their strange demand is not accepted, they will be mentally broken. They argue that they have a relationship with their own children. And as a result of this relationship, if there is a child in the future, there may be problems with his identity. In that case this relationship needs to be given legal recognition.