‘I want to see Shahrukh Khan before I die’, 60-year-old cancer patient told last wish


Shah Rukh Khan: सिर्फ इतने रुपये थी शाहरुख खान की पहली सैलरी, पूरा किया था अपना ये सपना, बिगड़ गई थी तबीयत

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king of bollywood Shahrukh Khan There is no dearth of fans from India to abroad. People are ready to do anything to get a glimpse of him. Meanwhile, news related to such a fan of Shahrukh Khan has come to the fore, who has been fighting a battle with cancer for the last several years. Shivani Chakraborty, 60, is a cancer patient. He is on the last stage of cancer.

Shivagi is a resident of Khardah, North 24 Parganas. Amidst the battle of cancer, he has expressed his one wish. Even in this difficult phase of his life, his craziness for Shahrukh Khan has not diminished at all. Shivani has seen Shah Rukh Khan’s hit to all flop films till now. You would be surprised to know that Shivani had reached the theater to watch Shahrukh’s recently released film Pathan.

Shivani is not a petty fan. He has pasted the posters of all the films of King Khan in his room. 60-year-old Shivani fell in love with Shahrukh during an IPL match. Then Shahrukh bought his Kolkata Knight Riders. Now that Shivani has come to know that she does not have much time to live. So he has expressed his last wish before dying.

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According to Shivani, she wants to see Shahrukh Khan in reality once before she dies. Apart from this, if this is possible, then she herself wants to cook Bengali food for Shahrukh and feed him. She wants to do very common things for Shahrukh. Shivani wants Shahrukh to give blessings to her daughter. However, it has also been learned that his daughter has shared videos tagging Shahrukh on her social media posts.

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