“I will only hold Allah accountable,” replied Zaira Wasim


BanglaHunt Desk: Former Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim has returned to social media. He had to be the victim of a tumultuous troll in India recently for referring to the locust Hana as 'God's will'. Zaira hurriedly deleted her Instagram and Twitter handles. He is back again. And back to the troll, he said, he is obliged to be accountable only to the work of God.
In a tweet from Zaire about locust infestation, journalist Tareq Fateh said, “Indian Muslim actresses are mocking their own countrymen by saying that Allah is angry. This is how he is explaining the locust attack. 'Returning to social media, Zaira countered Tareq's tweet.

With a big message, Zaira writes, ‘Everything that is written in the Qur’an is not just for reading and forgetting. It is written to choose the right path in life. 'He added,' My tweet has been misinterpreted. Like me, good or bad, it describes the state of my mind. It is a matter between me and God which I do not want to explain. Emi is obliged to answer only to Allah, not to what He has created. '

Zaira writes, ‘We are going through a time when anger, hatred is a sign of great insensitivity. We can try not to increase it anymore. The rest God knows, He is the one who will save us, save us from all the problems. 'Finally, Zaira also mentioned that she is no longer an actress.

In a recent tweet, referring to a verse from the Qur'an about locust infestations in India, Zaira said that locust infestations or current natural disasters are the result of human actions. All this is God's will. This tweet was followed by a storm of criticism on social media. Zaira has to face trolls.
Notably, Zaira made her Bollywood debut through wrestling. He has done a total of three pictures. After Secret Superstar, Daddy Sky is Pink Zaire's last film. He left the world of acting before the release of the film.