ICMR Eliminates Human Misconception: Warming Will Not Reduce Corona Impact


In India, about 13,000 people have been infected with coronas and 120 have died. Some people believe that as the temperature rises, the outbreak of the coronary virus will end.

But the ICMR denies that there is nothing to be done now. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken stern action against the Corona virus. The next day, he is locked down to keep the service normal and under control. Twenty-two days have passed. The number of victims is also increasing. Now, as the time progresses, several states are extending the lockdown period until April 7. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed.

ICMR chief Gangavedkar said that “the virus has not been seen in the whole summer season, so the virus will be affected during the summer season. There is currently no evidence of an outbreak of the disease during the summer season. “

It has also been reported that during the summer ramings, the small droplets that come out during the sneezing will dry up quickly and thereby reduce the risk of infection. But now it is doubtful whether Tao will.

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