If a person touches the children of birds, then the mother leaves them, know what is the truth?


MYTH OR TRUTH: क्या इंसान चिड़ियों के बच्चों को छू ले तो मां उन्हें पालन छोड़ देती है, जानें क्या है सच?

myth related to baby birdsImage credit source: Pixabay

There are many things that you keep hearing from childhood to old age and you feel that these things are also true. Although it is not necessary that everything should be true, many times fear is instilled inside the child by saying such things so that he avoids doing that work. Today we have brought one such thing in front of you. Which you might have heard since childhood, but how much truth is there and how much is not, let us know through this article.

Every mother loves her child. Then whether it is a human being or an animal or bird, everyone nurtures their child with full hard work. But we were always told about birds in our childhood. Even by mistake, if a person touches the children of the bird, then it leaves its cradle.

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Does this really happen?

We used to argue behind this that their children are very soft and as soon as we touch them, the mother bird smells our smell and does not raise that child. This thing is completely false because any mother in the world Doesn’t do anything wrong. Due to which her child gets hurt! Even if seen scientifically, there are birds whose nose is not so sensitive that they can recognize the smell of humans.

This thing was told to us so that we should take care of those children from a distance and not touch them. Although the vulture has the sharpest nose that can detect any smell immediately, but no human can dare to touch their babies.

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