If anyone opposes in this country, he is called a traitor or a Pakist: Aparna Sen.


Bengali Hunt Desk: Veteran actress-director Aparna Sen has been vocal in her opposition to the Modi government's various actions from the very beginning [Aparna Sen]. And this time without naming him again, he pierced the BJP government at the center. It has been seen in the last few times that BJP leaders and activists have attacked anyone or any of their 'adjectives' whenever they criticize the Center. And with that, Aparna is vocal on social media.

Aparna wrote on Twitter, ‘Please never protest about anything in this country. If you do, you will be branded as 'traitor', 'urban naxal', 'militant', 'pro-Pakistani', 'piecemeal gang' or 'Khalistani'. You can even go to jail. So be careful! '


Incidentally, Aparna has always been anti-BJP. More than once he has directly opposed the Center. That is why the BJP leaders and workers have called him 'Urban Naxal'. However, the actress said that she will never be able to compromise with injustice. He said in an online seminar a few days ago, “The state of emergency after independence was the most dangerous for democracy in this country. But the current system in India will also defeat the state of emergency. 'He attacked the Modi government as a de facto fascist government.

On the other hand, in the past, the BJP has tried to downplay multiple opposition protests under various names. The Home Minister himself termed the student movement of Kanhaiya Kumars at Jawaharlal Nehru University as a 'piecemeal gang'. They did not hesitate to call last year's Shahinbagh protesters pro-Pakistan. And this time the Sikhs who took part in the peasant protests have been given Khalistani badges by the ruling camp.