If I had been with the BJP, I would have become the CM, I have lost 12 years of confidence in the Congress! Explosive Kumaraswamy


Bangla Hunt Desk: Janata Dal (Secular) leader H. D. Deve Gowda's son and former Karnataka Chief Minister H. D. Kumaraswamy has made serious allegations against the Congress. “I have lost everything by allying myself with the Congress,” he said. “If I had been friends with the BJP, I would still be the chief minister,” he said. But by allying with the Congress, I have lost 12 years of confidence.

At the same time, he said, why did I have to cry in less than a month after becoming the Chief Minister in 2016? Because I knew what was happening. The BJP did not hurt me as much in 2007 as the Congress did in 2016.

Karnataka has lashed out at former Congress chief minister Siddaramaiah Kumaraswamy, saying, “He has mastered the art of lying. The old nature of his family with tears in his eyes. ” Kumaraswamy said, “As the Chief Minister in 2006-07, I gained the trust of the people of the state.” And that trust lasted for 12 years. But I joined hands with the Congress and lost the trust of the people.

The Congress and the JDS formed the government in Karnataka. After some internal disputes in the alliance, some JDS MLAs revolted and this led to the downfall of the grand alliance government. Then the BJP proved its majority in the assembly and sat in the Karnataka seat. On the other hand, counter-alleging Kumaraswamy’s allegations, Sidharamaiya said, ‘Kumaraswamy is adept at lying. He can lie by understanding the situation for politics. The JDS won only 36 seats in the state, yet I made him chief minister. Was that our fault? ”