If Pakistan needs money, let's stop the atrocities on the border first, Kapil Deb.


Corona has caused epidemics around the world at the moment. Most cities in the world are locked down due to the corona virus. In such a situation, the poor and needy people are not getting enough food twice. That is why former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar thinks that they should help each other at this moment, only then it is possible to deal with Corona. Akhtar demanded that a bilateral series be arranged between India and Pakistan to deal with Corona. The money earned from that series will be handed over to the governments of the two countries. The governments of the two countries will use that money to deal with it.

Far from accepting Akhtar's demand, World Cup-winning India captain Kapil Dev was on fire. He said that in the current dire situation in the world, we should all think first about the health of cricketers and spectators, but it is very unfortunate if cricket matches are organized at this time to make money. India does not need any money at the moment. Reacting to Kapil Dev's statement, Shoaib Akhter said that Kapil Dev may not need money but others do.

In this context, Kapil Dev said that if Pakistan needs so much money, they should not think about cricket at the moment but think about how to stop the atrocities on the border. Pakistan would save a lot of money if they stopped all the unconstitutional activities at the border. With that money they will be able to deal with Corona.