If the camel does not get milk, the child will die! Police officer brought milk from Rajasthan by standing next to his mother


Bangla Hunt Desk: Lockdown has been issued throughout the country due to coronavirus infection. Local administration and police department staff are always coming forward to help people. And in the meantime a human form of the police has come out. A woman pleaded for her ailing child, and police provided the woman with 20 liters of camel milk.

It should be noted that this incident is from Mumbai. There, a woman from Chembur asked for help on Twitter. He writes that his three-and-a-half-year-old child is suffering from autism allergies. She is alive only by eating camel's milk and pulses, due to the lockdown it has become impossible to get camel's milk. The woman writes that the milk will be gone in the next few days, and her baby will not be able to live without that milk. The woman also wrote that the milk will be available in Rajasthan.

Applying to a mother's tattoos goes viral. Everyone goes there and starts responding. Then IPS Arun Bothra responded to his tweet. She contacted an IPS female officer from Rajasthan. Arun informed a few railway officers of Rajasthan about this. Then the task of delivering milk to the woman started.

IPS Arun Boothra tweeted about the matter, and talked to Ajmer senior DCM Mahesh Chand Juralliya about the matter. The Ludhiana and Bandra-bound Parse cargo train 12 will be stopped at the Falna station in Rajasthan, and from there the milk will be sent to the woman in Mumbai.

Then, from Train Jain Ajmer, the chief passenger traffic manager of the Northeast Railway, asked the officers to arrange for the camel's milk, and the officials arranged for the camel's milk. The parcel train from Ludhiana to Bandra arrives at Falna station, from which 20 liters of camel's milk is picked up on the train and then the train departs for Mumbai.

On reaching Mumbai, the train was stopped after receiving permission from the authorities and the milk was delivered to the woman in Bandra. Arun Boths later revealed that 20 liters of milk had been delivered to Mumbai by train. Bothra thanked Indian Railways for this.

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