If the Center and the Yogi government cannot pay the railway fare to the workers, then we will pay: Mayawati


Banglahant Desk: On this day, Mayavati said that this time she will be active in extending a helping hand to the workers. The country was declared locked down from March 22 to deal with Corona. And in most cases, the workers living in different parts of the country could not return. And the Chief Ministers of all the states are working to bring them back to the country.

In different parts of the country, people are still stuck with problems. In the meantime, politicians have started having problems with workers stuck in other parts of the country. Politics is intensifying over ticket money for the repatriation of migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh. Now BSP chief Mayawati has also started thinking about this issue.

He said somewhere to take special steps in this regard. On the same day, he tweeted that “it is very unfortunate that the central and state governments are also charging for the migration of migrant workers on trains and buses. In addition, if the government refuses to pay the migrant workers, the BSP will help in the process of sending the migrants back to the country with the help of their powerful people. However, the lockdown in the country has been extended till the 17th.

About 33 days have passed. But the number of victims is also increasing by leaps and bounds. At present, the number of corona cases is about 36,000. And so the central government is still desperate to turn the country around. And so this arrangement to return the workers. Mayawati has offered to bear the cost of train tickets for expatriate workers.