If the condition of the lockdown relaxes WHO, the virus can be avoided if you agree

BanglaHunt Desk: Different countries are taking different steps to protect against the coronary virus (COVID-19) outbreak. They are trying different ways to protect the citizens. Even the lockdown deadline is extended. The central government extended the lockdown deadline in India until May 5th. This deadline can be extended if needed. The government has successfully ordered the citizens to comply with this lockdown. Lockdown is the only way to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Hotspots are being identified in different places. Some places have been sealed. The rest of the space can be sealed when needed, the government said. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) laid down some conditions for lifting the lockdown. In compliance with these terms. Only then can the lockdown be lifted. This lockdown will continue in Nacht.

These conditions are:

3) In areas where the virus is completely under control, that is, no one else is exposed to the corona, lockdown can be relaxed to some extent.

2) Corona infection should be reduced in areas where there is a possibility of transmission of coronary virus. We have to make sure that there is no more transmission of the virus.

3) The virus cannot be transmitted through contact with foreigners.

8) If a person is suffering from coronary disease, he should be treated promptly and kept in quarantine. Will have to cooperate with doctors.

3) People in large sections of society need to be aware of the harmful side of the corona virus. Awareness should be spread among them.

3) Preventive measures for the virus should be established in crowded places ie offices, courts, schools, colleges, shopping malls, big shops and various workplaces.

If these rules are followed, you may be asked to reduce the lockdown timeout or reduce the lockdown.

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