If the danger increases, India may need 10 lakh ventilators, 50 thousand are available


BanglaHunt Desk: Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused problems in ventilators in India as well. This ventilator helps patients breathe. The preparation of these medical products is costly and time consuming. Which is currently in very small quantities in India. As a result, the medical community is facing problems.

Experts fear that there may be a shortage of ventilators in India. There are currently 50,000 ventilators in the country, although the worst cases of coronary heart disease may require one million ventilators. Bangalore-based Dynamic, startup Noka Robotics and New Delhi-based Agwa Health Care are trying to meet the demand for these ventilators. Prices range from ৩ 33 to 6,000. However, the highest quality ventilator in the country can cost 18,000.

Experts say that although many countries can import these life-saving devices. Due to the lockdown in India, its production could be delayed by up to two weeks due to low supply of parts and low labor. Amitabh Bandopadhyay, who is associated with Professor Nokkar at IIT Kanpur, said, “We need this device, which we can't build fast.”

The Indian government has ordered all citizens to remain under house arrest for the lockdown until May 3. So that the outbreak of this disease can be prevented and the doctors can treat the infected people properly. The number of corona patients in the country has increased to about 21,000 and about 700 people have died. This month is very critical because of the countrymen.

“If 10% of the people in our country are infected, only 1% of them need a ventilator,” said Subrajyoti Bhowmick, Clinical Director, Research, Peerless Hospital, Kolkata. However, it is not possible to meet that demand. Prior to this epidemic, hospitals invested less in ventilators because they were more expensive. Ventilators are only available in hospitals in a few large cities. However, now companies have come forward to make it affordable.

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