If the demands of the farmers are not met, there will be a larger mass movement, Anna Hazare warned the Center


Bengali Hunt Desk: Veteran social activist Anna Hazare once again warned the Center by standing by the farmers protesting against the agriculture bill. He made it clear that if the demands of the farmers are not met, there will be a bigger mass movement in the country. He also said that the Lokpal movement [Lokpal Movement] Time also shook the Congress government. This movement of the peasants is also going in the same direction.

Farmers in Punjab and Haryana have been opposing new agricultural laws for the past few months. For the last two weeks, millions of farmers have been protesting at the Delhi border. Supporting the movement, Anna said no agricultural law should be enacted in the country without the consent of the farmers. Our country is heavily dependent on agriculture. The new law of the center is against the farmers. That is why they are agitating.

It may be mentioned that on December 6, the farmers had called for a nationwide strike on this issue. He went on a hunger strike all day in support of the bandh. Anna went on a hunger strike at Siddhi village in Ralegaon, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

In a message, Anna said, “I am making an appeal to all the people of the country. Spread the farmers' protest in Delhi all over the country, so that the pressure is on the government. Farmers are protesting in the streets helplessly. But they did not resort to violence. “