If the dragon is guilty, then the consequences will suffer! Trump warns China once more

Bangla Hunt Desk: President Donald Trump once more strongly warned China, saying that if China were to blame for the Corona virus, they would have to suffer the consequences. Trump attacks China once more while talking to media in the White House. At the same time, he praised the actions taken by the United States.

Trump says, 'America has done better in healthcare than any other country except Germany. As a person we have a bone of death here, much less than in other countries, especially Western Europe. Countries like France, Italy, Britain and Spain have higher mortality rates than the US, but you won't hear about it. You are only told about America. “

He said if America believes in the death toll, then we are not in the first place, China is in the first place. I know there are more deaths in that country than we do, and you know that. But don't talk about it, but I'll tell you one day.

President Donald Trump said the United States was watching the news, claiming millions of people around the world had been killed in the lab in the Chinese city of Buhan. Trump said this when reporters at the White House asked him if Covid-1's probe would be investigated in Buhan's lab. Then Trump said, “We see, there is a lot of truth in these things.”

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