If the lockdown is disobeyed, the police will seize it from a distance of 6 feet


BanglaHunt Desk: Chandigarh Police has come up with an innovative strategy to break the lockdown rules. So that the law breaker can be caught, he does not have to be touched again. There will be a lot of distance between the two people. Surprising to think so, the Chandigarh police came up with such a fancy way.

Lockdown status has been issued across the country to prevent coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. However, at this time, a lot of people were leaving the house without any urgent need. So that several areas have already become red zones. This time various steps are being taken to bring the areas included in those red zones back to normal.

Somewhere outside, people are being made to stand up and listen, and somewhere, various ridiculous punishments are being given. Again, many are eating the sticks of the police. Drones are also being used in different places. Even the placard “I am guilty” written by the police is being handed over to the law-breaking person.

After taking so many steps, when some people do not want to listen to anything, the Chandigarh police came up with a strange process. One device made of five feet long metal rod is a sliding stick. At the base of his mouth is attached a part like Tovas, which will hold the waist of the disobedient. And the other end of this device will be stuck with the hand of the police. So that the person violating the law can be caught, but he should not be touched.

Chandigarh Police Chief Sanjay Banwal shared a picture of this strange device on Twitter. And showed how this device can be used to catch law-breakers while maintaining social distance. As well as giving pictures, he also wrote in the caption, ‘This is a fancy way to catch the lockdown violators while maintaining social distance. Inspectors Manjit, Gurdeep, Pawan and Usha have made this strange device.