If the Modi government takes this decision, then China will have to suffer for the next five years!


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Modi government may increase anti-dumping duties on 25 items imported from China to boost domestic companies.

The anti-dumping duty on over two dozen items, from calculators and USB drives to steel, solar cells and vitamin E, is set to end this year. And the government may decide to increase the duty on all these items.

When the anti-dumping duty is over, there may be a tsunami of Chinese goods in India, and domestic products may be swept away in the tsunami. To save domestic companies, the Modi government may increase the anti-dumping duty on Chinese goods by five years. The government's decision will come as a shock to China.

In 2018-19, India imported a total of. 60.32 billion worth of goods from China. China imported the most 25 items out of the total. These products were subject to anti-dumping duty for five years, which is set to expire this year. The Solar Cell and Module of Safeguard duty was installed on July 30, 2018 and will end on July 29, 2020.