If the Mumbai police do not cooperate with Kangana, the Home Ministry will take over the responsibility

Bangla Hunt Desk: Actress Kangana Ranaut's arrival in Mumbai has raised fears of an attack on her. The intelligence agencies have informed the central government about this. The intelligence report named Chandigarh and Mumbai airports and other places. Kangana has been given ‘Y +” category protection for the time being.

According to sources, the CRPF's commando team providing Y + protection to the actress will report directly to the Home Ministry if adequate cooperation is not forthcoming from the Mumbai Police. And two commandos will be deployed to protect Kangna 24 hours a day. One will be in civilian dress, and the other will be a CRPF uniformed commando. Both will have tools.

About 15 security personnel are provided for Y + class protection. They are on duty in three shifts. Home and office also have strict security. If a report on the dangers of Kangana is sent to the Union Home Ministry from the IB or the CRPF, the ministry may consider enhancing security. This means that Kangana's danger after that may actually be to give her Z security.

According to sources, if a state delays providing protection to Y + class persons at the local level, the Union Home Ministry will apply for strict protection to that state. The IB's report may tighten the protection of that person.

Kangana arrived in Mumbai on Wednesday and attacked Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. Kangana said in a video, ‘Udbhav Thackeray, do you think you have taken big revenge by breaking into my house in collaboration with the film mafia? Today my house is broken, tomorrow your pride will be broken. It’s the wheel of time, remember, not everything is always the same, I think you have done me a lot of good. Because I knew how Kashmiri scholars were persecuted, but I felt it today. ”

According to sources, Kangana will be staying in Mumbai for the next few days, which is why the role of the local police is going to be important in the next few days. For him, strengthening local security and clearing the travel route will be in the hands of the Mumbai Police. The local intelligence department will enlist the help of the Mumbai police for information.

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