If women want to be equal to men, if they want to work, it is #MeToo, explosive Mukesh Khanna!

BanglaHunt Desk: Mukesh Khanna has been exploding one bomb after another on social media for the past few days. His views on various issues have caused controversy many times. But the actor could not be suppressed. Recently, Mukesh Khanna made another explosive comment.

A video has gone viral on social media. In an interview there, Mukesh Khanna is heard to say, ‘Men are different, women are different. Women's work is to manage the house, to do housework. This #MeToo started when women started working too. They want to be equal to men. But that is not possible. The biggest problem is the children at home who do not take care of their mother. '

This video of the actor has gone viral and caused a storm of criticism on Netdunia. The netizens are harshly criticizing the actor for his comments and attitude. One writes, this will be the case if you keep the old-fashioned meditation ideas.

Another wrote that according to him, if women go out for work, men can sexually abuse them. She is sick. Should be ashamed. Another quipped that he probably didn't find a suitable woman.

Incidentally, Mukesh Khanna recently spoke out against the title of Akshay Kumar's upcoming film Lakshmi Bombay. A few days ago, he wrote in a post on Instagram, ‘Should a picture be released with the title Lakshmi Bomb? The whole country is in dispute over this. Some people have called for a boycott of the film. I don't think the film should be boycotted. Because the trailer of the movie has just been released. No one has seen the picture yet. '

He then sat down to make more controversial remarks. The actor writes, ‘It seems very funny to put the word bomb after Lakshmi. The title seems to have been given for commercial purposes. Should it be allowed? Of course not. What could be the name of the picture of Allah Bomb or the rogue Jesus? Certainly not. So how does Lakshmi bomb? '