If you can cut off the head of Kalyan Banerjee, 5 crore rupees reward! Controversial statement of Mahanta Paramahansa Das

Bangla Hunt Desk: Paramahansa Das of the ascetic camp made a controversial statement in Ayodhya on Tuesday. He has announced a reward of Tk 5 crore for the beheading of Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee. Note that a controversial statement by Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee came to the fore. There he was heard making derogatory remarks about Goddess Sita.

Mahanta Paramahansa Das Bhagwan Ram and Sita Devi of the ascetic camp have announced a reward of Tk 5 crore for the person who beheaded Trinamool MP Kalyan Bandyopadhyay to avenge the insult.

Mahanta Paramahansa Das said Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee had insulted Sita Mata. At the same time, he also insulted Hindu gods and goddesses. He has hurt the confidence of Hindus. Paramahansa has demanded from the administration that strict action be taken against Kalyan Banerjee. And if the administration does not take action, he will give a reward of five crore rupees to the person who beheaded Kalyan Banerjee.

He said many people make contradictory remarks about Hinduism. There is talk of gods and goddesses all around. It is no longer tolerable.