If you do not register in Aarogya Setu App, the smartphone will not work! Government of India is bringing strict rules: Sources


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Government of India's Coronavirus Tracking Arogya Setu App will soon be pre-installed on the phone. This news is known from official sources. According to the official who kept the information in the case, it will be inevitable that the app will be pre-installed on smartphones sold in India after the lockdown. At the same time, it has been said that the company will not only pre-install, they will also ensure that the mobile phone user will register in the app and provide all the information.

The Government of India is ready to appoint a nodal agency to implement this assessment. Those nodal agencies will communicate with the smartphone companies. And they will also see to it that all new devices are not given the option to skip with the installed apps. The Arogya Bridge app will be offered as an inbuilt feature on all new smartphones sold in India in the coming days.

I would like to inform you that since the launch of Arogya Setu app, 65 million people in the country have so far installed it on Google Play Store alone. The government plans to make the Arogya Setu contact tracing app unavoidable, with plans to install the app on every Indian's smartphone in the coming days.

Healing Bridge is a tracking app. It helps to provide information on cases of Corona virus infection through GPS system and Bluetooth. The Cure Bridge app is made for both Android and iPhone. This app tracks corona infections using users' phone Bluetooth, location and mobile numbers. The app also has options like Corona Health Center and Self Assessment Test.

The app also has a chatbot, which will answer your questions about the corona virus and determine if you have corona symptoms. The app even has Corona helpline numbers for every state in India.