If you go to church at Christmas, you will be beaten! Bajrang Dal issues fatwa against Hindus


Bangla Hunt Desk: The Hindus of Assam are going to be deprived of Christmas this time. Because this time Bajrang Dal (Bajrang Dal) has warned to beat Bedharak whenever he goes to church on Christmas. The organization said it was forced to close all Hindu institutions in Meghalaya for Christmas.

Mithu Nath, general secretary of the Guwahati VHP, said the Vivekananda center in Christian-dominated Shillong has been closed for Christmas. And for this reason he no longer wants his organization to join any Hindu Christmas party in Assam. For this reason, such a fatwa has been issued by the Bajrang Dal, a branch organization of the World Hindu Council.

The Bajrang Dal issued the fatwa at a function in Silchar in the first week of December. The workers of the organization also sounded Joy Shri Ram to agree with the leader. Mithu Nath, general secretary of the VHP, said, “I can't see with my own eyes all the Hindus who gossip about the festivals of different religions.” They closed our temple. Our organization shuts down. And some Hindus go to church and celebrate Christmas. This will not work. If they celebrate Christmas, they will be hit in the forehead this time. ”

He added, “They can easily close our temples, close our institutions. But if we vandalize their schools, the headline will be, schools attacked by Hindu thugs. We don't want to do that. So this time we will not allow Hindus to join their festival. ” I would like to inform that the Ramakrishna Mission in Shillong has been closed on the occasion of Christmas. And that is why VHP and Bajrang Dal are angry.