If you have the power, show it to Saini with your hands, Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth in support of the actress

BanglaHunt Desk: In the tweet debate, this time Chief Minister Mamata herself BandyopaActress Sayani Ghosh found Dhyayake (mamata banerjee) next to her. Without naming names at the Purulia meeting, he aimed his cannon at BJP leader Tathagata Roy. If there is power, show it with your hands on Saini, in such a way the Chief Minister attacked the BJP leader.

On Tuesday, Mamata Banerjee scoffed at the BJP leader Tathagata's verdict without naming him at a public meeting of the Purulia District Congress. He said, “A girl named Saini works in the film. He is being bullied. You threaten in Uttar Pradesh, you threaten in Delhi, you threaten in Bihar, how do you expect to threaten in Bengal? If you have the power, show it to Saini with your hands. ”

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Without naming the verdict, the Chief Minister said, “Even with age, it does not go away. The granddaughter is threatening the girl every day. Why doesn't he have freedom of speech? ”

The Bengali film world is now buzzing with actress Saini Ghosh. BJP MLA Tathagata Roy has recently filed a case against Saini for allegedly hurting Hindu sentiments. With this, a lot of noise has started in the state politics and film world.

Recently, BJP MLA Tathagata Ghosh has filed an FIR against Saini Ghosh at Rabindra Sarobar Police Station. This FIR is against a tweet made by Saini in 2015 which went viral. Saini posted a cartoon on Twitter where she was seen wearing a condom on Shivling. The FIR was filed alleging that the tweet hurt people's religious sentiments.