If you look at working with Pakistani artists, you have to pay a big fee, FWICE clears


BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistani artists cannot work together. If caught, the punishment will be severe. This is exactly what the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) said. Despite this difficult situation in India, Pakistan is still attacking the troops in the frontier. Therefore, FWICE banned working with a Pakistani artist keeping in mind the country.
During the lockdown, many stars are arranging for concerts online due to a ban outside the house. Live streaming with apps like Skype or Zoom at home. This time, Pakistani artists are also seen joining Indian artists. FWICE has issued notice to the Bollywood artist and stars.

The notice of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees has been issued on its social media handle. Notile states that “Pakistani artists have been boycotted in India. At the moment, India is in a confrontation with Corona. In the meantime, Pakistan is also attacking Indian troops on the border. Yet Indian artists and singers are working with Pakistani artists. '

The notice further said that strict action would be taken against any Indian artist or singer who is seen working with Pakistani artists or technicians.

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