If you want to stay in this village, you have to cut off a part of the body! Find out why

BanglaHunt Desk: There is a village in the world where if you want to live, you have to cut off a part of the body. Surprising to hear, but it is real. This is the condition if you want to go to that village and survive. And those who refuse to accept this condition are not allowed to enter the village.

The village of Villa Las Estrellas in Antarctica is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The condition for those who have been living in this village for a long time is to have an appendix operation. The rules of this village of about 100 people are so strict that everyone from scientists to army officers and their families follow the rules.

Appendix Operation necessary for entry in Villas Las Estrellas

What is the reason for the strange rules that may seem now! Let me tell you, there is a specialty behind this rule. That is, there is no hospital in the vicinity of this village. The nearest hospital is on King George’s Island, about 1,000 kilometers from the village. To reach this hospital one has to cross snow storms, hills and dangerous paths. Even in that hospital there are only a few doctors, but where there is no surgeon. In such a situation, if someone gets pain in the appendix, there is a risk of losing his life, that is why this rule has been made for that village.

Why Appendix removed necessary before you go in Antarctica?

Incidentally, appendicitis is an appendix intestinal part of the body. One end of which is open and the other is closed. It is a gross organ, meaning there is no need for it in the body. Often a particle of food gets stuck by it and rots, causing it to become infected. Its pain is not easy to bear. If the infection continues for more days, the appendix may rupture and become fatal. This is why appendices are considered an unnecessary part and it is emphasized to be removed.

Trouble while a woman is pregnant!

It is known that the Chilean army, scientists and doctors visit this village. They had to stay at the army base for many years, which is why their families came with them. And there are strange laws in place for their safety. You will be surprised to hear that the women of those families are advised not to get pregnant. Because in the absence of medical facilities it can be dangerous. However, there is no written order in this regard.