“If you want to surrender, come out in five minutes” The militants did not listen to the Indian Army! Then the hall is over


Bengali Hunt Desk: During the encounter between the militants and the Indian Army in the Banpora area of ​​Khurbani in Kulgam district of south Kashmir, the Indian Army once again tried to bring back the youths who had taken the militant path from the mainstream of life. Army 1 State Rifles, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police took part in the operation. In this encounter, the militants were repeatedly given the opportunity to surrender.

First, people from the families of the two militants were called and appealed to. But even if they did not surrender, the army tried. According to army sources, the ex-militants were given many opportunities in the encounter. A video of this encounter has surfaced.

The nearly one-minute video shows the soldiers repeatedly pleading with the militants to surrender. The soldiers meant that whoever picked up the weapon was the one who died. You still have a chance, you surrender. If you want to surrender, come out. Get out in five minutes. This is the last chance.

“When we came to know that local youths in Kashmir were hiding inside and attacking the army, we repeatedly persuaded them to surrender,” an army official said. He said that there are many who have mistakenly written their names in the militant register but now they want to return to the main rhythm of life. We strive for their full cooperation to bring them back to the original rhythm of life.

The official said that from 2019, Lieutenant General KGS Dhillon of GCO 15 Corps started 'Operation Mother'. And in that operation, in 2019, more than 50 young people were brought back to the mainstream of life. According to these statistics, more than 100 young people have been brought back to the mainstream of life so far.