IISC scientists have created an app to identify corona infections from work from home


Banglahunt Desk: Scientists at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) have now discovered a pre-screening method, considering the growing number of corona viruses (COVID-19). This method can be used to tell if a person is infected with corona through the throat and cough. Dr. Sriram Ganapati, an Assistant Professor at IISC, is leading the work.

Use of the device

This tool called Keshwara will be an application that takes data on breathing sounds, coughing sounds and throat sounds. Then the person gives his proof whether he is infected or not. This assumption is based on the assumption that the infection contains acoustic biomarkers and that the tools will be able to pre-screen individuals by detecting these patterns.

The reason behind the discovery of the method

Only 11 members from Home Quarantine discovered this method. One of them was a doctor at IISC Health Center, but there was no virologist or microbiologist. Doctors say that once the procedure is passed, it will be possible to examine an infected person without touching them.

Dr. Ganapati informed about the method

The result of our equipment will be a predictive number, which provides a possibility that the patient has been infected with the corona virus. For example, if the user sees a score of 80%, they must be active and have a chemical test. If a user records more than once on the same day, this method will also tell you how fast the symptoms of the virus are progressing.

He added that just as the AI ​​on the smartphone on the smartphone is trained to mark a bounding box on the face, Koswara will detect the symptoms of the virus. Will then signal.

The demand for the method

This method is currently capable of testing more than 600 people. But many more people will need to be tested. Regarding the device, Dr Ganapati said, “We need at least a few thousand participants সু both healthy people and corona patients করার to test Kosovara. No personal information will be recorded during the test. Only throat sounds, breathing and coughing sounds are required. You open the web page and answer basic questions related to your health – some questions such as the history and geographical location of asthma or tuberculosis. Following this, Kosovara will ask you to practice the word. You record it and submit. The whole incident took about five minutes and was completely uncontactable and free.