“I'm not responsible for the storm,” Tithira said in a short photo shoot! A bunch of viral pictures


Banglahunt Desk: Many people may not know the name Tithi Basu at once. Because there are very few people who know him by his own name. He is better known by his onscreen name. There is almost no one who can't recognize the name 'jhilik'.

Tithi Basu was seen playing the role of little girl Jhilik in the popular Bengali serial 'Ma'. The series lasted for a long time with a lot of love and popularity from the viewers. It is one of the most successful and long running series in Bengali television.

Tithi comes to limelight with the help of mother series. At that young age, his brilliant performance caught everyone's attention. Even after acting in more series, he was not able to cut the stain like his mother.

However, Tithi has recently come up in the news headlines again. Now he has entered the teens. Besides acting, he also has a tendency towards modeling. Tithi often comes up in the headlines of photoshoots.

Tithi is also quite active on social media. He has more than 56,000 followers on his Instagram handle. He often does photoshoots. He also shared those pictures on his Instagram handle. He also shared pictures of his acting work on social media.

Growing up, Tithi had a lot of ideas about fashion. That is clear from looking at his pictures. She is equally comfortable in all types of clothing from ethnic to western. Those pictures went viral on social media.

Tithi recently shared several photos. He has shared one picture after another of Western attire. Sometimes red mini skirts, black tops and sometimes check hot pants spread the warmth. He also jokingly warned, “I am not responsible for the storm.” Needless to say, only pictures of viral dates posted.

The current date cannot be matched with the previous spark. However, the netizens have also got the hint that she will be an actress in the future. Incidentally, Tithi has worked in Bengali films before. He was seen acting in the film 'Bandhu' with Prosenjit Chatterjee.