Important news for those who share NETFLIX password with friends, the company took a big step


इनकम टैक्स विभाग के रडार पर आया Netflix, करोड़ों की टैक्स हेराफेरी का है मामला

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Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown: Taking password from friends for free netflix do you use? Then this news is for you. Netflix is ​​strict on the issue of password sharing. The company has banned password sharing in the US. Netflix’s Standard and Premium customers will no longer be able to share passwords with anyone other than their family members.

The company is eliminating the logins of external users from the accounts of American customers. Although the company has given a new option for password sharing. Under this, users will be able to share their password or account with others by paying $8 per month.

Why was this decision taken?

Netflix has suffered huge losses due to password and account sharing. According to estimates in the year 2021, the company had to suffer a loss of $ 6 billion. It was claimed that 100 million users took advantage of password sharing. Netflix also lost many users due to password sharing. It has been told that in the first quarter of 2022, there was a decrease of 2 lakh in the subscriber base of the company.

How to know about password sharing?

The question is how will the company find out that the password or account has been shared by someone with someone. Netflix has not yet given any information about how the person sharing the password will be identified. However, the company has made it clear that everyone living in a house will still be able to watch TV series and movies on Netflix, whether they are at home or outside or on holiday. They will be able to use the account everywhere.

The company was earlier going to implement the password sharing ban worldwide in March this year. However, this rule will be applicable only in America till the end of June. However, the company has started blocking users running Netflix for free in many other countries. This includes countries like Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. However, the company has not yet taken any such decision regarding India.

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