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In this post you will know IMPS Full Form And complete information of IMPS Kya Hai. In today’s time, many people use the online payment option to send money, among which the most popular Bhim UPI, Paytm, Phonepay, Google Pay, IMPS etc. You must have heard about phone, google pay etc. But do you know about IMPS like IMPS Kya Hai etc. Many people also transfer money with its help, but very few people will be fully aware of it. So let’s know Imps Meaning in Hindi

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In this era of technology, today most of our work is done online through sitting at home. Today, we can easily do our banking related tasks through online platforms, Bank account opening Be it, you have to pay for something or send money to any person, today all the tasks are easily completed through online medium. Today we will tell you through this post that, IMPS Full Form in Hindi, IMPS in Hindi just stay connected with us till the end of this post in which you IMPS Kya Hota Hai You will get full information of

IMPS Kya Hai

The service was launched on 22 November 2010, today most banks in India are providing the benefit of this service to their consumers. In which Axis Bank, Bank Of India, Canara Bank, Central Bank Of India etc., it is an excellent medium for sending or receiving money instantly.

IMPS Full Form

IMPS Ka Full Form – “Immediate Payment Service”

IMPS Full Form In Hindi – “Immediate Payment Service”

IMPS is a banking payment service that allows you to transfer money from one account to another in real time, instant money can be sent to any person through IMPS. IMPS is a service provided by NPCI (National Payment Corporation Service), through which you can transfer or receive funds instantly, through IMPS you can do it anytime in 24 hours. ATM, Can avail banking facility through internet or mobile. So far you have known IMPS Full Form Hindi, IMPS Kya Hota Hai, let’s know now IMPS Se Paise Kaise Bheje

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IMPS Se Paise Bhejne Ka Tarika

The above post is your go IMPS Ka Full Form Now next we will tell you that IMPS Kaise Kam Karta Hai will also provide complete information about it. You can do IMPS Fund Transfer through the methods mentioned below:

By MMID (Mobile Money Identification Number)

It is a unique 7 digit number for using IMPS service, which is used to transfer funds using IMPS. To get a new MMID, you need to use your bank Internet banking Can use the facility. Instructions for this are shown below:

  • First of all login to your “Mobile Banking App”.
  • After this, go to the section of “Fund Transfer” and select “IMPS”.
  • After selecting IMPS, pay by adding “Account Number”, “Mobile Number” and “MMID Code” to whichever money you want to send.
  • You can “Verify” this transaction through OTP or MIPN.
  • In this, money is debited from your account and credited to the recipient’s account.
  • After payment, you will get a message that will have all the details of the transaction, save the screen shot because this number can be used anytime.

Fund Transfer by Mobile

To transfer funds from mobile, first of all you have to activate the mobile banking service in your bank account, then you can transfer funds to anyone using NPCI (National Payment Corporation Service) USSD service * 99 #. To use this service, you have to dial * 99 # from your registered mobile number, in which the option of fund transfer will come, and you can transfer funds to any person by entering his mobile number and bank account information.


Whatever you want to pay for ATM to IMPS Debit Card It is very important to have a number of. The following points can be taken to use this feature:

  • To IMPS, first of all, use your debit card ATM Swipe in, then enter the PIN of your ATM.
  • After entering the PIN, select the option of fund transfer and go to the option of IMPS.
  • After going to MPS Option, the mobile numbers you had registered will appear.
  • After selecting the mobile number, you will have to enter the mobile number and MMID number of the person to whom you want to transfer money.
  • Now how much amount you want to transfer, fill it and “Confirm” and send it to “Send”.
  • After completing the method mentioned above, money will be debited from your account and credited to the recipient’s account.
  • After payment of money, you will get a message in which all the information related to the payment will be written.

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IMPS Limit

IMPS Ki Limit ranges from 1 rupee to 2 lakh rupees. Its minimum limit per day is Rs. 1 and maximum Rs. It costs up to 2 lakh rupees.

IMPS Charges

Its charges are up to Rs 10,000 – Amount up to Rs 2, 50 paise, more than Rs 10,000 but up to Rs 1 lakh – Rs 5 and above Rs 1 lakh but up to Rs 2 lakh – Rs 15. The service tax is levied by the bank on any IMPS transfer we make to any person.


Now we will talk about what is IMPS Vs NEFT Charges. The following points can be taken to explain the difference between these two:


The IMPS is built on the National Financial Switch Network and is managed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). while, NEFT Is managed by the Reserve Bank of India. IMPS has been launched in 2010 while NEFT has been launched in 2005. The full form of IMPS is Immediate Payment Service and NEFT Full Form, National Electronic Fund Transfer and NEFT Full Form In Hindi (National Electronic Fund Transfer).


IMPS transfers the money you send to the recipient’s account anytime. Whereas NEFT works on a net and batch basis and it only pays money in its business hours which are in the form of batches. In common language NEFT transfers funds between two bank accounts via electronic messages.


IMPS can be used 24 x 7 while NEFT is only available in its business hours. The NEFT payment system typically produces 23 Settlements a day, between the hours of morning and 06.30 to 08.00 in the evening. Morning and 6.30 PM in the evening. NEFT is not a 24 x 7 fund transfer service and it is not available at all on Sundays, bank off-days and bank holidays.

Transaction charge

Transactional charges for NEFT and IMPS also vary. NEFT and IMPS charges are decided by the bank. The NEFT fee starts at a minimum of Rs 1 per transaction and goes up to a maximum of Rs 25 per transaction. Whereas IMPS charges usually start from a minimum of Rs 5 per transaction to a maximum of Rs 15 per transaction.

Transaction limit

Generally, the minimum transaction value of NEFT and IMPS is Rs 1. The maximum limit of NEFT varies from bank to bank, generally it can go up to Rs 10 lakh per transaction. On the other hand, through IMPS, the maximum IMPS Transfer Limit can go up to only 2 lakh rupees in a day.

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Online payment is the best means of payment in today’s time. With this help, we can make the largest payment in minutes. We have to pay 5 rupees at the paan shop or 5 lakh in the showroom of a car, today we can pay in minutes with the help of online payment and there is no fear of theft of our money. IMPS is also an online payment instrument. If you have provided complete information about what IMPS is and IMPS Kaise Kare, do not forget to share, thanks!


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