Imran Khan got a big shock, Israel dropped Pakistan from the list of friends


Banglahant Desk: On the one hand, when Pakistan (Pakistan) is showing interest in strengthening the friendly relations with Israel, Israel gave a strong shock to Pakistan. Israel's Minister for Regional Cooperation has made it clear that “Israel will strengthen its ties with any Muslim country before US President Donald Trump resigns.” But that is not Pakistan.

In an interview, Israel's Minister for Regional Cooperation was asked, “Which is the 5th country with which Israel will strengthen its relations before January 20?” “We are working on that,” Mantra replied. However, the Muslim country with which we are going to strengthen relations is not a small country. But that is not Pakistan.

On the one hand, Pakistan is constantly trying to come to Israel, but on the other hand, Israel is going to give a strong blow to Pakistan by January 21, 2021. According to sources, a few days ago, a senior Pakistani prime minister went to London and then to Israel before leaving for Islamabad.

It is also learned that Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken a proposal to strengthen political and diplomatic relations for Israel. The minister met with various high-ranking officials from Israel for some time. But despite all this, Israel has kept Pakistan far away from the place of its closest friend. Excluding Pakistan, it is interested in strengthening relations with other countries.