Imran lamented that Pakistan did not get a single dollar from abroad to deal with Corona

Bengali Hunt Desk: Pakistan is suffering from the global epidemic of corona virus. And no global organization has come forward to help them financially in these difficult times. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan himself. He told influential people and journalists on social media that no one has helped Pakistan with a single dollar so far.

According to News Express, Imran Khan said, “Once the epidemic is over, the situation will be a big test for the whole world and for Pakistan.” He said the situation in Pakistan is very different from Europe and America. Imran Khan blamed the lockdown for Pakistan's financial situation. Imran Khan said, “I did not want to impose a lockdown, because the number of workers in the country is very high. And 85 percent of them are not registered in government projects. ”

Imran Khan expressed concern over the country's financial situation, saying that Pakistan's financial situation has suffered a major setback due to the epidemic. And no other country and no organization in the world has brought Pakistan together. He acknowledged, however, that the IMF had given relief in loan repayments.

Attacking the opposition, Imran Khan said that many were spreading lies on social media. “Those who have made money through corruption are afraid of the media to reveal their real information,” he said. Prime Minister Imran Khan said the government would launch a track and trade system with the help of ISI. As a result, corona virus hotspot areas in the country can be easily identified. According to figures released by the Ministry of Health, the number of corona attacks in Pakistan has crossed 13,000. The death toll has risen to 261.