Imran may be powerless! The Pak Prime Minister admitted the de facto rate before the confidence vote

Bangla Hunt Desk: Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan slammed the opposition while addressing the nation. He said that the opposition parties have made democracy a laughing stock. Imran Khan alleged that opposition candidate Yousuf Raja Gilani was distributing money in the Senate elections. After the defeat of Finance Minister Abdul Hafiz Sheikh, Imran Khan proposed a vote of confidence in Parliament on Saturday. “I agree to sit in the opposition but I will not compromise with corruption,” he said, acknowledging the de facto rate before the confidence vote.

Imran Khan said, “They thought that the sword of no-confidence motion would be brandished against me and if I loved my position, I would withdraw all the cases against them.” But this time I am proposing no-confidence. I will ask for faith in front of everyone in Parliament. I will tell my team leaders that you can’t stay with me, it’s your right. You raise your hand in Parliament and say. No matter, I will sit in the opposition seat. ”

Challenging the opposition leaders, Imran Khan said, “I am bringing a no-confidence motion in the assembly. I sit in the opposition seat and sit outside the assembly, I will not leave you (opposition leaders) until you return the money of this country. There will be no difference in my life. As long as I live, I will fight against them to save my country. ”

Imran Khan said, ‘I did not come to politics to make money. I already have money and a name, I could spend my whole life in peace. But I decided to come into politics for the country. I will not compromise with the corrupt in any way. ” Let me say that in the history of independent Pakistan, no Pakistani Prime Minister has ever completed his term. Earlier, whoever the Prime Minister of Pakistan was, the government collapsed prematurely.