Imran responds to Modi’s letter, a new twist on India-Pakistan

Banglahant Desk: India-India-Pakistan relations are moving towards peace. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan wrote a letter urging peace. After receiving a message of peace from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Imran Khan agreed and retaliated.

From the very beginning of creation, India and Pakistan have more enmity than friendship. Despite being two neighboring countries, the Pak government is obsessed with trying to figure out how to harm India. It’s like a snake’s neule relationship. On the other hand, Pakistan has faced many pressures from various quarters and even from the international community due to the militant support, on the other hand, India has received love and respect.

At times, the situation was under pressure and Pakistan expressed its desire to establish good relations with India. Although India did not respond at first, this time Prime Minister Modi sent a letter to Pakistan Chief Imran Khan on the occasion of ‘Pakistan Day’. This time Modi sent a proposal to transform the bitter relationship between the two countries into love.

Imran Khan took advantage of the message of friendship from Prime Minister Modi. Praising India for fighting in Corona, Imran Khan replied, “Pakistani citizens want peaceful relations with all neighboring countries, including India.” With good relations between all the countries of South Asia, it is possible to solve the problems between India and Pakistan quickly. One of which is the problem of Jammu and Kashmir.