Imran Sarkar removes 1800 militants including mastermind of Mumbai attacks from surveillance list

Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole world is now busy fighting the war against Corona. Pakistan, on the other hand, does not even name itself to stop its evil. The Imran Khan-led government removed the militants from the surveillance list. Zakir Rahman, the mastermind of the Mumbai attack, was named in the list of militants.

Pakistan took this step when the IMF gave a deadline for Pakistan to take strong action against militants. Costelum.l, a New York-based technology company, reported that the militants had been removed from the Imran government's surveillance list.

The list, compiled by Pakistan's National Counter-Terrorism Branch, is aimed at preventing financial institutions from doing business with the accused and militants.

According to the company, the number of militants on the list has been reduced to 3,800 in 18 months. At the beginning of March, the names of about 1,800 militants were dropped from the list, according to Costelum. Pakistan is seeking to implement a mechanism that has been delegated to them by the FATF.

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