Imran Sarkar's face burned when he went to report the bad weather; Confused the highest and lowest temperatures

Banglahant Desk: The Pakistan Meteorological Department was extremely uneasy when it came to reporting the weather in Kashmir in retaliation of India. They mixed the highest temperature and the lowest temperature. Twitter finally corrected that mistake.

It also started forecasting weather for Ladakh, Pulwama in Jammu, Pakistan on Sunday. Pakistan Radio tweeted about the temperature in Ladakh, saying that the maximum temperature in Ladakh was -4 degrees and the minimum temperature was -1 degrees. In response, Twitter told Pakistan, “This is wrong. The maximum temperature should be -1 degree and the minimum temperature should be -4 degree. ” Pakistan Radio also tweeted about the weather in Jammu and Pulwama.

The Modi government has instructed the Indian media to cover the weather in Pakistan-occupied Gilgit, Mirpur and Muzaffarabad. Deputy National Security Adviser Rajendra Khanna formally submitted the proposal to the Union Foreign Ministry three months ago. IB and RAW are also offered. Eventually it is being broadcast with the approval of the Center. In retaliation, the government of Pakistan also took this decision.

During the Partition of India in 1947, Maharaja Hari Singh expressed his desire to establish Jammu and Kashmir (formerly a tributary state) as an independent state. At that time a Pakistani-backed force occupied western Kashmir, provoking a revolt against the king.

On October 26, 1947, Raja signed the Treaty of Accession of India and sought India's military assistance. Eventually, Indian forces took over most of Kashmir.