Imrana stands by the mourners without discriminating between religions, cleaning the temple after the burqa


BanglaHunt Desk: Priests say that they want love, not hatred. Forgetting the caste, we all work together hand in hand. Such is the case with Imrana Saifi. Imrana is cleaning the temple-mosque-gurudwara covered from head to toe in a burqa. Nehru Bihar in North Delhi has welcomed the initiative of the 32-year-old in times of crisis. It is learned that Imrana, a mother of three, is observing the rituals of the month of Ramadan from sunset to sunrise. Besides, as a cleaner, he is carrying disinfectant-spray from one end of North Delhi to the other. Following the hygiene rules, he is doing the work of disinfecting the area after wearing the burqa. Forgetting the difference between religion and caste, the local temple and gurdwara committee is assisting him in this work.

According to Imrana's family sources, the young woman could not continue her studies after the seventh grade. He took the initiative to form a team of Corona fighters to stand by the people in this moment of crisis. There are 3 members in that team including Imrana. They are now the ones who have started cleaning the area. Locals claim, “Imrana has always fought for humanity. Three months ago, when Delhi was buzzing with the citizenship bill, Imrana Saifi stood by the artisans without discriminating on the basis of religion. ”

Imrana said, “In this time of crisis, we are not discriminating between temples and mosques. Wherever I see the need to disinfect, I go in and spray. So far no obstacle has come from any quarters. I want to maintain the harmony of India. I want to show that we are all one, we want to live together. ”

Pandit Yogesh Krishna, a priest at the Nehru Bihar Durga Temple, said, “Such measures are conducive to maintaining communal harmony. This is how we should help each other. Love should be adopted instead of hatred. ” It is learned that Imrana's husband Niyamt Ali is a plumber by profession. So in order to bring a little financial comfort to the family, the young woman wanted to present herself as a cleaner. It has been learned that Imrana is providing timely services by observing Ramadan and raising three children. “People understand that the disease is very serious,” he said. So there is no obstacle in Safaikaje. The disease has brought all communities under one roof. ”