In 1963, in just 3 days, 300 Chinese soldiers were killed by the brave soldiers of India


BanglaHunt Desk: In 1986, India defeated China, China may also lose. Nearly 300 Chinese soldiers were killed in the fighting near Nathula Pass near the Sikkim-Tibetan border. But compared to that, only 75 Indian soldiers lost their lives. After this incident, former Major General VK Singh wrote a book called 'Biography of Twelfth Soldiers'. Where every aspect of India's victory in this war is reviewed.

Indo-Pak war

Pakistan lost the Indo-Pakistani war in 1965 and sought Chinese help. Led by the then Chinese President General Ayub Khan, the Nathula Pass near the Sikkim-Tibetan border clashed to endanger India. China sent a message to India to withdraw from Nathula Pass and Jellip Lat near the Sikkim border. India then won the war against China under the leadership of Lieutenant General Gigi Bevor Sagat Singh at the corps headquarters.

The content of the war

Nathula, a mountain range in the Himalayas, connected Sikkim and the Chumbi Valley, maintaining communication between India and Tibet. The Nathula route was about 55 km east of Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. In 1975, when India was reluctant to vacate the Nathula outpost, China installed several loudspeakers in the vicinity of the Nathula outpost. They oppressed the Indian soldiers and deprived them of their low salaries and benefits.

Not to end here, they recorded loud messages to threaten the Indians, broadcasting over loudspeakers. Later, Chinese troops attacked a patrol of 18 Assam Rifles in North Sikkim and killed two soldiers, prompting Sagat Singh to retaliate.

India counter-attacked

Work begins as promised. The Indian Army has decided to erect a barbed wire fence on the Indian-Chinese border from Nathula to Sebula. In protest, Chinese troops opened fire on Indian troops from bunkers. The war began. After three days of fierce fighting, the Chinese army was defeated. Sagat Singh also broke some rules in war. News of his transfer was also heard after the war.