In a major blow to Pakistan, FIFA expelled the Pakistan Football Federation

Bangla Hunt Desk: Darkness descended on the sports world of Pakistan. This time FIFA expelled the Pakistan Football Association directly. FIFA, the world’s governing body for football, has banned the Pakistan Football Association (PFA) for third-party interference in its affairs. FIFA has directed that the ban on the Pakistan Football Association be lifted as soon as possible. However, no clear idea has been found as to how long the ban will last.

After the ban was imposed by FIFA, neither the Pakistan cricket team nor any Pakistani football club will be able to take part in any international football tournament. This caused a huge loss to Pakistan football because there is no improvement in Pakistan football. FIFA’s ban on him pushed Pakistan football further into the dark.

Third party interference in Pakistan football has been going on for a long time. Despite repeated warnings from FIFA to the Pakistan Football Federation, they did not take any appropriate action. As a result, FIFA expelled the Pakistan Football Federation.
According to FIFA, “The same problem has arisen in the Pakistan Football Federation over and over again. The problem has not been solved even by letter. That is why the decision has been taken. ” FIFA also said that the ban is going to be long-term.
Earlier, FIFA had deported the Pakistan Football Federation from October 2017 to March 2018.