In an attempt to occupy Taiwan, the United States launched a new counter-plan

BanglaHunt Desk: Taiwan is ready to give a worthy answer to China's grandfatherhood. Taiwan is ready to deal a big blow to China, which has been oppressing Taiwan from the beginning. Superpower America is also supporting Taiwan in this work. Atomic bombs on the one hand and powerful warships and missiles in the South China Sea on the other – Taiwan is fully prepared to defeat China from all sides.

Taiwan has deployed six warships, six warplanes and 10 missiles in the border area to subdue China in the South China Sea. Taiwan is also monitoring China to show its power. Taiwan is also proving to be no less in any part.

Not only is it a powerful weapon of war, but it is also planning to build a nuclear weapon to subdue China. This atomic bomb will be so powerful that even after billions of years, its impact will be as fresh as ever. Taiwan, the country of 1.5 million people that China has always wanted to occupy, has now roared against China.

China is constantly strengthening its position in the South China Sea, with Chinese warplanes entering Taiwan's airspace to intimidate Taiwan. So in the midst of this escalating war situation, Taiwan is also keeping itself fully prepared. Taiwan has been building nuclear bombs since the 1980s. Taiwan already has two nuclear plants in stock. So it won't take long for them to build an atomic bomb.

America is behind this power of Taiwan. The United States, which once banned Taiwan from building an atomic bomb, is now standing by Taiwan and helping to build an atomic bomb. The US is providing strength to Taiwan to fight China. Not just verbal support, nuclear missiles have helped Taiwan with offensive warplanes. Taiwan is currently moving to build an atomic bomb with the help of the United States. The country that China wanted to capture is now turning against the dragon. The situation in cornered China will worsen once the construction of this atomic bomb in Taiwan is completed.