In another battle, Nigel Akara takes on the task of sanitizing the city at the waist.


BanglaHunt Desk: A 26-day lockdown is underway across the country. There is no guarantee as to whether the lockdown will come up on April 7. No one can say exactly when the situation will be normal. People are being held captive. Poor, helpless people, on the other hand, sit in the head with these situations. In this situation, they are spending their days thinking about where a handful of rice will come from.

In this crisis of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created funds in all states. Many stars, including ordinary people, have extended their support. Actor Nigel Acarao was not excluded. However, he did not just help others with money. The whole city itself is down to sanitizing. Nigel is working with the Municipality of Bidhannagar to sanitize the city. He was found to be sanitizing around Ward 3 of the Bidhannagar municipality.

The actor also shared the video of his work on his social media handle. In this regard, Nigel said, “We started work from last Monday. However, we are not working on any tender. I'm working as a volunteer. In fact, my company, Kolkata Facilities Management, does the sanitation work. Even if the lockdown starts before this lockdown, we have to stop it after the lockdown. But the necessary things for sanitation were bought. So I contacted the Vidhannagar Municipality. They allow them to sanitize across blocks. ”

Nigel also said that sanitization is done by mixing hydrogen peroxide, silver nitrate and sodium hydrochloride. Needless to say, these videos from Nigel have come down in praise as they go public. In this way, Nigel Akara has proved that he can be on the side with Corona.

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