In Bengal, we are 35% majority, Matua, Adivasi, Dalit, none of them are Hindus! Watch Abbas's controversial video

Bangla Hunt Desk: Another video of Furfura Sharif's Peerzada Abbas Siddiqui is going viral on social media. Earlier, a video of her in Corona went viral, where she was heard making controversial remarks. In the video, Abbas says a mosque in Delhi was set on fire. I pray to God that he may send such a deadly virus to India that 500 million people in the country will die. Abbas says, even if I die of that virus, there is no grief.

However, after the video went viral, Abbas Siddiqui apologized. And he said that I did not want to say anything like that. My words have been distorted. This time another video of Abbas Siddiqui is going viral on social media. Where Abbas Siddiqui is heard to say, ‘This is Bengali, we are the majority here. Here we are not a minority. Keep that in mind. ”

Abbas Siddiqui further said in the video, “We are the majority here, we have to keep 35 percent in mind here. Indigenous people are not Hindus, Matuas are not Hindus, Dalits are not Hindus either. They are all different religions. And will you come here and kill us? ” It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


Abbas Siddiqui has announced the formation of a new party in the state challenging the Trinamool. His new team will be announced next December. He challenged the Trinamool Congress to field candidates in every Muslim-majority constituency in the forthcoming assembly elections and said that it would defeat the Trinamool Congress. He even called for a mass rally in January with hundreds of thousands of activists.