In Bihar, quarantine returnees are being given condoms and contraceptives


BanglaHunt Desk: Contraceptives are being distributed to quarantine returnee migrant workers in Bihar. All the workers who are returning home after completing 14 days quarantine in Gopalganj are being given this contraceptive. The health department of Bihar took this step to prevent unwanted pregnancies by fulfilling unwanted desires.

Many workers are returning home after a 14-day quarantine to force Corona to return home from the state of Vine. This is the reason why this contraceptive is being distributed so that you do not have to have any problem after having sex at this time.

Contraceptives are being given

Of the nearly 29 lakh returning workers in the state, about 6.7 lakh have already been released from quarantine. All of them have completed their 14-day quarantine period. About 5.30 lakh migrant workers are still in quarantine. A health official said: “After 14 days of quarantine, the workers are now returning home. They are being given contraceptives so that they do not get involved in unwanted pregnancies when they return home. ”

This is being done in the interest of family planning

Officials in charge of family planning at the State Health Society have made it clear that the move is aimed at building a perfect family planning system. The corona virus has nothing to do with this system. As a health expert it is our responsibility to control this system. That is why we have taken this initiative. “

Even two contraceptives are being given at the same time

The official added that the state government had said that after June 15, there would be no more quarantine centers and no more migrant workers. That's why they are currently distributing two contraceptives. Besides, Asha workers are also going from house to house with contraceptives during thermal screening. And he is also explaining the details to the women. Gopalganj DM Arshad Aziz said 40,460 women have been given the contraceptive pill so far.